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Domestic Violence at Work

Moose Jaw, Antigonish
2019/05/06 0:00 - 2019/05/10 0:00, 2019/06/22 16:00 - 2019/06/26 13:00
Course Code : DV
This course will help shop stewards, health and safety representatives and other union representatives gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics of domestic violence at work and the role of the union and employer in addressing it. Participants will learn ways to best support members who may be experiencing domestic violence, including how to recognize and respond to the warning signs and risk factors and how to connect members to support and services in the community. Union representatives will also leave with tools to build awareness in the workplace about domestic violence at work.
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Facing Management Effectively

Moose Jaw, Antigonish, Cornwall, Gimli
2019/05/06 0:00 - 2019/05/10 0:00, 2019/06/22 16:00 - 2019/06/26 13:00, 2019/07/14 0:00 - 2019/07/19 0:00, 2019/10/28 8:00 - 2019/11/01 12:00
Course Code : FM
Effectively examines the economic, political and social forces at play between union and management. Participants can expect participation, interaction and roleplays along with practical skills and tools for com-munication, analysis, strategy and critical thinking.
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Health and Safety Activism and your Mental & Physical Health

Moose Jaw, Gimli
2019/05/06 0:00 - 2019/05/10 0:00, 2019/10/28 8:00 - 2019/11/01 12:00
Course Code : HS
Healthy and safe workplaces are a basic right. This workshop will provide worker activists with tools, materials, and processes to address this key area of work life. You will develop an understanding of how workplace stress and other psychosocial hazards can affect us and how to deal with them. The workshop will help identify stressors affecting workers such as job demands, job control, lack of support, and violence/bullying resulting in a lack of work life balance. It will help develop an action to take on systematic factors affecting mental health through advocacy, bargaining and political action. We will discuss health...
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Le Collège syndical du Canada

Nouvelle présentation, nouvelle conception un programme à la hauteur des défis d'aujourd'hui

Le Collège syndical du Canada (CSC) est un programme d’éducation syndicale qui s’adresse aux membres actifs ainsi qu’aux dirigeantes et dirigeants syndicaux actuels et futurs. Le nouveau programme revampé du Collège est plus accessible, plus abordable et plus pertinent que jamais pour les syndicats, les sections locales, les conseils du travail et le mouvement syndical dans son ensemble.